Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews

Content writing course as a vocation alternative has interminable chances. In the current day and age where data utilization is at its pinnacle, the interest for good content writers sees new highs.

Content is the backbone for any brand, item, administration, and association. It is the component that ties organizations and their clients all around. Content is intuitive characteristically, which implies that it is the drawing-in factor for a business and its potential clients.

It is the spread of data pertinent to your purchasers. It includes making articles, blog posts, and informative videos about your product that assist them with settling on a good choice in regards to your product or service.

Gone are the days when just the exceptionally proficient were considered competent in taking care of content writing work. Today, any graduate can take up content writing work. The interest for quality content writers is high to the point that some undeniable content writing organizations are mushrooming.

The content writing organizations offer administrations obliging all orders of content writing. Site content writing, lawful writing, product depiction, articles, blogs, altering, sealing, digital book writing, messages, leaflets, flyers, contextual analyses, travel writing, clinical writing, the rundown is unending.

In straightforward words, content writing is the foundation of any effective association that thinks about its current and potential clients. It is making and appropriating data that advises clients about the remarkable characteristics of your image.

Before we move to the near investigation, we should dig a little into what content writing involves and how a gigantically compensating vocation in a content writing course can be.

What precisely is content writing, and what is its scope?

Any Information is content. Content conveyance is through different stages, for example, voice, print, computerized, pictures, infographics, and so on. Regularly, nowadays, content writers compose for the web. Be it a blogging site, a business or product site, or even a beginning up, content assumes a critical job. The content was, is, and will be the ruler for quite a while to come.

Content can be mostly ordered into the following types

  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
  • White
  • Long-form Content
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Listicles
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Articles and Posts.

Sorts of content writers:

Presently, there are various sorts of content, and content writers have an expansive term that incorporates numerous specializations.

  • A technical writer is liable for writing manuals, establishment guides, working strategies, and preferences.
  • An Editor edits all writing to improve coherence and decides the last content.
  • A copywriter composes a duplicate that sells a product or administration. A duplicate is only all data on product/administration website pages, ads, limited-time materials, and so on.
  • A Ghostwriter composes any content structure, for example, articles, books, blogs, and so on however doesn’t get the credit. The credit goes to the customer that enlists the professional writer.
  • A Blogger is somebody who composes online consistently either for a diary or a site.

At that point, there are official statements, infographics, articles, brand stories, white papers, digital books, social media writing, email writer, and so on.

A content writer can deal with numerous controls or pick a solitary domain/discipline and make it their niche specialty.

Additionally, creative writing, as in the verse, fiction, true to life, is another class that requires various aptitudes, and creative writers once in a while adventure into different spaces of content writing.

What is an SEO Content Writer?

An SEO content writer is most popular in thinking about the present computerized multiplication. Most employment entrances look for an SEO-affirmed or SEO content writer to up their rankings and deals. An SEO content writer is proficient in watchword investigation, the utilization of explanatory instruments, web-crawler rankings, and its improvement.

Characteristics of a Quality Content Writer:

Great and quality content has the expectation of furnishing data alongside being locked in. To be a decent content writer, one must have certain characteristics:

  • Good, inquire about.

  • Write, edit, and re-write

  • knowledge about SEO, keyword research, and WordPress

  • Versatile with the various tones and styles of writing.

  • Realize online life promoting and email advertising for content dissemination

  • Organizational abilities, complying with time constraints, center, solid relational abilities

  • Joining independent networks, writing guest blogs, utilizing diverse social platforms.

The requirement for an organization to learn content writing course:

Any individual who preferences writing can for sure become a content writer. There are free assets online to gain from, however, a proper course at a foundation of notoriety is a fantastic method to launch your content writing profession.

A proper content writing course/preparation gives you the establishment to begin your excursion. There are different courses too to learn content writing. There are online classes and offline classes.

A foundation won’t simply mentor you on the significant and useful angles yet, in addition, to train you about content methodology, content promoting, SEO parts of content writing, and so on, which is without a doubt the prerequisites today.

Aside from the hands-on preparation, a foundation giving entry-level position and occupation arrangement help resemble the cherry on the cake. It settles your very reason for taking in content writing from an establishment except if you want to be a specialist. Indeed, even as a consultant, you might be ignorant of the considerable number of steps and procedures to set up yourself, and a decent establishment will control you on the entirety of this.

We have just talked about the job of a content writer, degree, and significance of an organization to get familiar with the expertise. Release us now through the content writing course in detail at two popular institutes, Henry Harvin Education and IIM skills.

You can think about both and conclude which are the best organization fit for you.

Reality Check #1: The Institutions

Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin content writing course Training, which began in 2013 has been a pioneer establishment in content writing courses in South Asia. Trainings360 India had positioned Henry Harvin as #1 in giving Content Writing Courses 3.

Henry Harvin is known for their magnificent mentors over a time of understanding. These prepared specialists are thought pioneers in their particular fields.

Subsequently, it very well may be concluded that both these establishments have a heavenly record of making effective and profoundly skillful content writers through their content writing course.

Accreditation of Henry Harvin has affiliations from the content writing relationship of India, Administration of India just as American Association of EFL among others.

They have nine courses under the Analytics Academy, five courses for the Content Academy, four for the Finance Academy, one for the Law, and three for Management Academy. you can check Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review also.

IIM skills:

Since its Beginning in 2014, IIM Skills has been focused on conveying the best online courses for individuals from different backgrounds. The IIM Skills review is a prominent worldwide online instruction supplier bragging having prepared 4300 experts from 30+ nations.

The staff is included industry specialists who have had over 10 years of experience working in the advanced showcasing segment, making winning content for famous brands and corporate monsters. The IIM Skills content writing review 8 is an expert in content creation and Promoting.

The Ace Accreditation gave by IIM Skills content writing review is all around certify and gives extraordinary incentive to the understudies who dream to have an incredible vocation in Content Writing.

Both the institutes give phenomenal all-around perceived Accreditations to land the ideal job.

Reality Check#2: Course Curriculum

Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin gives content composing course that passes by the name of Content Writing and Creative Writing Course (CDCW)

Henry Harvin content writing courses online just as offline are among the best content writing preparing programs available. The course offered empowers its contenders to look into and research completely on some random subject and to create proper content, utilizing abilities about creation, assessment, and revamping. The course is an international-level confirmed course. You can check Henry Harvin content writing course reviews

Henry Harvin content writing courses have a total of eight modules with several subparts to give you in-depth knowledge of content writing.

  • Technical &Research Writing
  • Social Media Language skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Business and Marketing Writing
  • Designing Cover pages
  • WordPress Project Reports
  • Question Banks
  • Content Strategy
  • Essay, EBook, Blog Copy, And White Paper Writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Earn online & Get International Projects

IIM Skills:

The main IIM Skills content writing course review supplier has the most careful educational plan with more than 12 modules with a few subparts that help you to have any sharp comprehension of content writing. The course is called the Content Writing Master Course. (CWMC)

The modules include

  • Web Development
  • User Interface
  • Introduction To Content Writing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Starting To Write
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate Content Detector
  • Content Dissemination in Email
  • Google Local Page Set Up
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Exploring The Several Social Media Tools
  • Freelance Content Writing

Apart from the Master Certification in content writing, it also provides training for Hubspot Content Marketing Certification.

Even though both the institutions have extremely critical components secured, Henry Harvin Training is additionally known for making a content technique to arrive at target customers. Here, Henry Harvin Education has a slight bit of edge over IIM Skills.

Reality Check #3: Content Elucidation, Delivery & E-Portal Accessibility

Henry Harvin Education:

The course length is distinctive for classroom training and online training. It is set at 32 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of Live Online training. Likewise, it has 24hrs Brush-up Meetings for 1 year worth Rs.6000 free. 50 hrs. of E-Learning Access which Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies.

The course charge for 4 hours of Live Virtual online training in Content writing is INR 3,000. Henry Harvin is setting to start another course titled Content Writing Foundation Course Live Online preparing – this program will run for 8 hours. The course expense for this program is INR 8,000.

Henry Harvin shows composing on 30-content types that incorporate academic, personal, social, Search Engine Optimization, white paper, and others. The content formats, styles, tones, keyword research, social media leveraging, types of content, buyer persona, case studies, etc.

IIM Skills:

IIM Skills content writing review has one of the most comprehensive in-depth curricula for content writing with a Course Fee of 11900 + 18% GST. The duration of the course is 4 weeks, 16 hours of live training, and 60+ hours of assignments. One of the principal highlights of the IIM Skills review is they have lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS).

The IIM Skills writing course review covers the most significant subjects identified with content advertising like understanding the example and conduct behind your web traffic, making landing pages, content conveyance arrange arrangement, investigating themes to expound on, choosing a specialty, building up your image, adapting your writing abilities, comprehension of online life listening instruments, content-commitment procedures, setting up a contact structure, Google nearby pages, avoiding plagiarism, setting up quickened versatile pages to give some examples.

A year of free brush-up sessions and e-Learning, with access to LMS, Henry Harvin Education score better than IIM Skills.

Reality Check#4: Internship, Placement &Post Course Assistance

Henry Harvin Education:

After the students complete their content writing course, they are given both paid and non-paid entry-level positions, which they can select for either at Henry Harvin itself or at Henry Harvin’s accomplice firms.

The students are also given openings for work and work offers each week after finishing their preparation. Toward the finish of the course program, Henry Harvin additionally gives 100% task supports at the workspace, alongside arrangement and business support.

Henry Harvin facilitates its students to focus on learning along with doing General Curriculum Outcome (GCO) Pedagogy. After one completes training, Henry Harvin grants one certification with affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, and MSME & Govt of India.

The students are encouraged to get independent undertakings in India as well as in the US and the UK. The post-training facilities additionally incorporate recorded revision recordings and month-to-month brush-up meetings.

IIM Skills:

The students at IIM Abilities can take up their non-paid virtual temporary position program for 3 months. You need to meet all requirements entry-level level position test and afterward should give 8 endorsed articles to get the temporary job authentication from the organization.

Being a worldwide innovator in content writing, IIM Skills review has a system of a few associations that approach the organization to employable content writers.

As post-situation help, IIM skills content writing review likewise gives you sufficient data on outsourcing and how to approach an outsourcing profession. Broad preparing is given on the best way to snatch great independent writing ventures. They additionally help to make customer recommendations.

Although both the institutes have internship programs and post-training facilities, Henry Harvin seems to have dominance over the content writing industry with its global presence.

Reality Check #5: Practical Exercise

Henry Harvin Education:

An outline thought has been given on their site page identifying with the tools canvassed in the practical training of the Content Writing Course. There are live activities and training as well.

A portion of the regions shrouded in useful preparation and live activities are

  • Learn to Compose 30+ Substance Types and get paid on the web

  • WordPress subject Understanding of Expert content writing

  • Develop basic Language Abilities to compose for Worldwide Customers

  • Website Making Abilities to make Fundamental Site and Individual Blog

  • Graphic Abilities to structure Bulletins, PPT, Logo, and so forth

  • Gain Propelled Exploration Abilities that empowers to Compose on Any Subject

  • Skill to Identify Target Audience Persona for your Content by earning backlinks

  • Develop an Effective Content Strategy by picking upright short and long-tail keywords.

  • Know how to Get Freelance work from India, the US, UK, and stay away from the danger of awful obligation in global installment

IIM Skills:

IIM Skills is a dedicated Content Writing Foundation that sees exactly how significant down-to-earth preparing is. While taking a shot at useful activities to pick up information on a few advanced apparatuses available to you that helps your content writing progressively effective, smoother, and better.

The site of IIM Skills writing course review is totally straightforward concerning the educational program and you can get everything about the instruments secured, and user activities on their course content page.

The Practical exercise given by Henry Harvin Education is a bit more dominant over IIM Skills.

Content writing courses are available everywhere over the internet, but one needs to find out which course suits them the best. In my case, I did thorough research on the internet about all the available courses and the institutes that provide these content writing courses.

There are a very few points one might want to remember while choosing a course which suits them the best:

How much time is the institute providing?
Is the institute among the top-level institutes of India?
What kind of training do they provide? Is it effective?
Last but not least it is very important to read the reviews of the institute and gain as much information possible from the websites, ratings, etc.

Henry Harvin is one such institute that covers all the above-mentioned criteria.

After completing my course from Henry Harvin I was selected for an interview from where I got a job. There might be rumors about how there is no such thing as a 100% placement guarantee but I myself have had the exposure to work for a big company.

So of course the CDCW ( certified Digital Content Writer) course has been immensely beneficial for me. It had opened new opportunities for me giving me a job as well as I can fulfill my passion. I turned my passion into a profession with the help of this course.

The teaching staff were well trained and had industrial professionalism. Learning was made simple with their guidance along with e study materials available online.

Other than that, the course benefitted my career in the long run by helping me to learn about different types of content creation like blog writing, social media content creation, page development, magazine writing, etc.

Henry Harvin content writing course reviews Other Key Takeaways

Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin additionally has organizations like Airtel, BSNL, HCL, and other famous associations that employ the institute. They are trusted by Corporates, for example, Abbott Pharma, Avon Beautifying agents, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Mill operator, Apollo Tires, Delloitte, and Fidelity Investments, and More. Also, 12+ IIM’s including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta, and 7+ IIT’s including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi, reach out for employment.

They really have an all-day, everyday online emotionally supportive network for inquiries and complaints. Their help desk is accessible whenever. They are also exceptionally brief intending to the questions and getting the understudies out regardless of how testing it may be. The business specialists take care of the inquiry themselves and don’t depend on robotization instruments where students are concerned.

IIM Skills:

Large corporate mammoths like Facebook, American express, Flipkart, Amazon, Barclays, and MPS Intelligent are a portion of the business associations that have confidence in IIM Skills. They search for potential representatives from this Organization. This proceeds to show Goodwill that IIM Skills review has a rumored online supplier of great instruction.

IIM Skills writing course review has live help, talk online alternative that expects to give answers speedily.

Henceforth, both these content writing institutes offer incredible openings for work for their students.


Both these institutes are pioneers in giving high-grade educational plans on content. Both have industry-approved certifications that help students gigantically in the job sector.

The courses give sufficient information to individuals from fundamental to cutting-edges of content writing. They are also perfect for individuals from differing fields like advanced showcasing experts, business visionaries, homemakers, superannuated people who need to begin a career now, freelancers, students, and work hopefuls who need to return to work in work the wake of taking a break.

Be that as it may, there are angles where Henry Harvin Instruction has an edge over IIM Skills. Henry Harvin Training being centered exclusively around giving not only content writing but also Digital Marketing guarantees that students get the most extreme assistance and help to fabricate their profession in the content writing space. They organize their students over other monetary considerations.

The advantage of lifetime access to refreshed most recent content and patterns need to students’ needs, down-to-earth preparing gives Henry Harvin Education some significant focuses over IIM Skills since they give the most applicable and most recent information concerning the courses. When you are a student with Henry Harvin Education, your relationship with the organization remains never-endingly.


  1. I have recently completed my content writing course training from Henry Harvin. I can assure you that this institute is the best for any person be it an amateur or a professional content writer.

    Firstly, I researched the various institutes providing this training. I found many positive reviews about Henry Harvin content writing course. So, I checked their website and it was very informative. The entire course details were listed module wise along with all other required details. You will be very clear about what you will be doing in this course right from day one. So I decided to give in my details at their site.

    I received a call back immediately. After a detailed discussion with Faculties, the founder and one of the trainers at Henry Harvin, I enrolled for the course.

  2. Henry Harvin is a good platform to learn content writing. The course has a detailed syllabus about content and has given me diverse ideas about various forms of content. The live sessions are well-organized, interactive, and well taught. The course gives a good start for aspiring content writers.

  3. Thankyou so much Henry Harvin for great effot.This content writing training is very helpful to improve my writing skills and make me professional. My experience is very wonderful with Henry Harvin.

  4. Henry Harvin is a great platform for learning content writing. The course has a detailed syllabus about the content and gave me a variety of ideas for different types of content. Live sessions are well organized, interactive, and well-educated. The course provides a good start for aspiring content writers. I recommend taking this content writing course.


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